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Explore Charlie AI’s comprehensive array of features and flexible pricing options designed to meet your unique needs and elevate your experience with our unparalleled offerings.


Our Packages

Foundation Package


Spending less than 3k/mo on ads
Sales team has 0 - 1 setters
​Monthly leads allowance: 0 - 2k leads per month then it’s $0.44 cents per lead

  • DFY setup of Charlie AI to set appointments
  • ​DFY Training of Charlie AI
  • ​CharlieLearns
  • ​CharlieBooks
  • ​CharlieHunts
  • ​Google calendar or Outlook integration
  • ​Zapier integrations for 3rd party apps
  • ​Access to support calls on how to optimize Charlie to deliver bookings
  • ​Response reports
  • ​Survey and form integrations
  • ​CRM, Workflows and Automations

Premium Package


Spending 3 - 10k/mo on ads
Sales team has 1 - 3 setters
Monthly leads allowance: 2 - 5k leads per month then $0.35 per lead

  • Everything From Tier 1
  • ​CharlieReports
  • ​Unlimited funnels
  • ​Dedicated slack channel for your sales team
  • ​Access to weekly numbers an analytic calls
  • ​Access to an ads coach for support with lead generation
  • ​Access to Business Development Resource Center​

Platinum Package


Spending 10 - 50k/mo on ads
Sales team has 3 - 5 setters and 1 - 3 closers
Monthly lead allowance: 5k - 10k then it’s $0.25 cents per lead assigned to CharlieChats.

  • Everything From Tier 1 & 2
  • ​Unlimited Usecases
  • ​Access to custom Use case training for Charlie AI.
  • ​CharlieVets
  • ​Access to new releases and features
  • ​Email Automation Usecase with unlimited conversations and follow ups
  • ​Access to our network for referral partners
  • ​Set-up fee waved on new accounts

Looking For Something Bigger?

Enterprise Package


Spending more than $50k/mo on ads
Sales team with 6 or more setters and a team of closers
Monthly lead allowance: 10k - 50k then it’s $0.10 cents per lead assigned to CharlieChats.

  • CharlieTalks (34hrs of talk time per month then $0.26 per talk time minute)
  • ​CharlieDials - Charlie will outbound dial leads and perform live transfers to sales team
  • ​Unlimited IG DM conversations
  • ​Unlimited FB Page DM conversations (Not facebook personal profile)
  • ​Unlimited SMS conversations (Twilio fees and usage applies)
  • ​Unlimited file and data storage

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