Real Results from This Case Study

Impressive Growth Achieved by Fultilt Bridal

In a competitive fitness industry, our client, an online bridal transformation program, achieved remarkable results after implementing Charlie Ai. In just seven days, Charlie Ai managed 171 leads, boasting a 50% response rate and successfully booking 38 sales calls. This impressive performance resulted in a lead-to-CTA (Call to Action) ratio of 22%, significantly enhancing the client’s lead management and sales conversion process.

About Fultilt Bridal

The client operates a specialized online bridal transformation program designed to help brides get in shape for their big day. Their unique approach combines fitness training with the convenience and scalability of an online platform. Initially, they faced challenges in scaling their business due to the limitations of physical gym space and the complexities of expanding their online program.

Identifying the Challenge

Scalability with Personalization

The client’s primary challenge was finding an efficient way to scale their business without incurring the overheads associated with physical gym expansions. Additionally, they were considering hiring virtual assistants (VAs) or investing in recruitment programs for appointment setters, which introduced potential complexities and uncertainties in their growth strategy.

Implementing Charlie Ai

A Tailored Solution

The solution was a three-phased approach to integrate Charlie Ai into their business:

  • Foundation Building: The initial phase involved understanding the client’s business model and sales process. The goal was to create a system where Charlie Ai could automate lead follow-ups and appointment settings, reducing the need for additional staff or physical expansion.
  • ​Pre-Launch Testing: In this phase, the client’s team worked closely with Charlie Ai’s account manager to ensure the AI system was accurately aligned with the business needs. This involved role-playing and testing the AI’s conversation capabilities to ensure it met their specific requirements.
  • ​Launch and Optimization: The launch phase was executed in three steps: audience verification, message optimization, and conversion optimization. This comprehensive process ensured not only the quantity but also the quality of leads and sales calls improved significantly. The client saw a response rate above 30%, a response to CTA rate of 44%, and a lead to CTA rate of 22%. Additionally, a post-booking nurture sequence was implemented, improving the show rate for booked appointments.

Client Feedback

Transformational Change

The client experienced a significant transformation in their sales process efficiency. They were particularly impressed with the capability of Charlie Ai to handle a high volume of leads and conversions, which was instrumental in scaling their business.

The client appreciated the personalized approach in the integration of Charlie Ai and noted the substantial time and resource savings compared to traditional methods of sales and lead management.

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