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What are the Core Pillars of Building a High Performing Team?

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hey, fellas!

What do you see as the recipe for great team performance? Is it…

  • ​Warm togetherness?
  • ​Skilful leadership?​
  • Regular meetings?

Why do some teams perform better than others? What sets these teams apart from the rest?

Building a high-performing team requires more than just pulling together a group of talented people with the right skills. It requires careful development and the nurturing of key characteristics, behaviors, and best practices.

In this episode, we’ll cover what a high-performing team is, what their characteristics are, how to build a high performing team, and how to scale your strategy with performance management technology.

Let’s dive in!

First, what is the end goal?

The business exists to achieve some goal (if it didn't then it wouldn't be a business), and you must measure how well your team performs to hit the goal. In almost all cases, that goal is to build revenue!

To attain this, you might want to know how well your team is performing in the parts of the sales cycle where they have the most impact, e.g. winning proof of concepts and delivering compelling demos.

While the focus is on the sales side, your end goal in Marketing might be to generate new leads, Development would build the next awesome thing, or Support would deliver excellent service to their customers.

Whatever the case, either your people are hitting their goals or they're not and you need to know it. (And if you don't have goals then that's another topic.)

You will notice that the pillars are all about the people because they're fundamentally how you'll over-achieve.

You might have the right product/market, but the WRONG people, and then your path to success will be a lot tougher.

But if you have the wrong product/market, and the RIGHT people, then those people at least have a chance to pivot and achieve success another way.

Watch the full episode to know more about this framework, and build and develop a high-performing team that achieves terrific success! Deuces!​

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Stay tuned for the next episode. Deuces!

Episode highlights:

00:00 Welcome to The Boardroom Podcast
0:08 Leader sets clear expectations for a high performing team
1:24 Setting expectations for decision-making and problem-solving
2:32 Creating a strong team identity through clear communication and shared values.
3:30 Decision-making frameworks give teams autonomy while maintaining structure.
4:37 Creating a high-performing team with a support system.

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Remember, Stay Calm, Change Lives, and Have Life On Your Terms!


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