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The Importance of Hiring the Right People for Your Business

Friday, June 14, 2024

In the latest episode of The Boardroom Podcast, Iggy laid bare the hurdles of outsourcing and hiring from recruitment agencies. His insights shed light on the pivotal need for cultivating internal expertise in talent acquisition. Rather than placing blind trust in recruitment agencies, particularly for small enterprises, Iggy championed the imperative of honing the skills necessary for identifying, recruiting, and nurturing top-notch talent internally.

Iggy advocated for a shift in mindset—one that prioritizes investing time and resources into fostering in-house talent acquisition capabilities. His rationale? It's simple: by internalizing the recruitment process, businesses can slash costs, elevate the caliber of hires, and streamline the entire talent acquisition pipeline.

Gone are the days of outsourcing talent recruitment blindly. Instead, Iggy's pragmatic advice underscores the significance of self-reliance in talent acquisition. By empowering internal teams with the skills and tools needed to identify and cultivate talent, businesses can harness a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

Tune in to The Boardroom Podcast and join Iggy as he unravels the transformative potential of internal talent acquisition. It's not just about saving costs—it's about building a resilient and agile workforce poised for success in the long haul.

Episode highlights:

[00:00] Welcome to The Boardroom Podcast
[0:17] The importance of having the right people within your company.
[2:34] Iggy recounts struggles with spending thousands of dollars with poor results
[5:24] What’s the importance of developing internal people vs. relying on outside recruitment agencies?
[6:33] Why does my team perform at a very high level?

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