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How I Rebranded My Podcast WITHOUT Shooting Myself in The Foot

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

And…. I’m back!

Hey there, business enthusiasts! I am thrilled to bring you my newest podcast that's not just a show but a journey into the heart of successful entrepreneurship. Welcome to the pilot episode of "The Boardroom Podcast.”

The Boardroom Podcast takes you on a riveting exploration of various business models, connecting with diverse entrepreneurs and visionaries who are shaping the business landscape.

No longer confined to the realm of building online fitness businesses, The Boardroom broadens its horizon to invite movers and shakers from different industries.

With a wide experience from various business models, I will share insights, strategies, and stories that will inspire you to see the boundless possibilities within your own business.

The Heart of "The Boardroom"

  • ​Rebranding for a Purpose: The shift from a fitness-centric focus to a broader, all-encompassing business perspective signifies a commitment to providing invaluable content to a wider audience. The goal is to showcase diverse businesses, inspire innovation, and expose listeners to a world of possibilities!
  • ​Insider Conversations: Picture this – you're sitting in on a boardroom meeting, listening to candid conversations about business strategies, challenges, and triumphs. The Boardroom Podcast is your VIP pass to these insider discussions, offering a unique look into the minds of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Learning from the Best: My passion for learning from various business models shines through. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of industries and entrepreneurs, The Boardroom becomes a one-stop-shop for business enthusiasts eager to glean insights on entrepreneurship, team building, business growth, and overcoming challenges.

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Stay tuned for the next episode. Deuces!

Episode highlights:

00:00 Welcome to The Boardroom Podcast
0:07 Rebranding and new direction of a podcast.
0:46 Business growth and entrepreneurship insights
2:29 My fingerprints are all over the online fitness business industry

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Remember, Stay Calm, Change Lives, and Have Life On Your Terms!


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