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Getting more qualified sales appointments can be hard. Charlie makes it easy and hands off.

Let it handle your DMs and paid ad leads. It’ll pre-convert them BEFORE their first sales call with you and your team.

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Charlie is more than a


lead generator

best employee


appointment setter

Charlie is more than a


lead generator

best employee


appointment setter

Imagine having a sales team that never sleeps, never gets tired, and never takes a vacation.

That’s what you get with Charlie AI, the most advanced AI-powered sales tool on the market.

Popular Features

Charlie Learns

Charlie continually refines its conversational abilities by analyzing data from user interactions, actively seeking feedback to improve.

Popular Features:

  • Fine tunes it’s conversational abilities
  • ​Analyzes data from user interactions
  • ​Understands the context of conversations

Charlie Books

Streamlined appointment scheduling by seamlessly coordinating and negotiating meeting times, checking real-time availability, and resolving conflicts.

Popular Features:

  • ​Maximizes calendar availability
  • ​Handles time zone differences
  • ​Round-robin booking distribution

Charlie Hunts

Charlie consistently follows up with personalized messages, aiming to engage in desired actions.

Popular Features:

  • Never miss a lead
  • Follows up indefinitely
  • ​Leverages user data and conversations to encourage users to take specific actions

What Makes Charlie Different

What Makes Charlie Different

Charlie is a Conversational AI that uses NLP, NLU, and deep learning to perform conversational tasks.

Charlie Talks

Charlie possesses the unique ability to engage in phone conversations with prospects. This feature enables Charlie to effectively vet and nurture potential leads.

  • Conduct meaningful and personalized phone discussions
  • ​Build rapport
  • ​Address concerns
  • ​Guide prospects towards conversion

Charlie Playground

Charlie is designed to provide users with an immersive roleplay and conversation experience within an interactive playground.

  • Roleplay in an interactive playground
  • ​Real-time conversations
  • ​Vast Knowledge Base
  • ​Adapts its responses to user preferences
  • ​Offers various roleplay scenarios

Charlie Reports

Using analytics to make informed decisions about Charlie involves the systematic collection and analysis of data to enhance the AI’s performance and user experience.

  • Tracks user engagement
  • ​Evaluates response times
  • ​Monitors conversation flow
  • ​Analyzes user feedback
  • ​Refine Charlie’s algorithm
  • ​Train Charlie to better understand and respond


With its cross-platform compatibility, Charlie AI helps you maximize ​the effectiveness of your social media efforts.


Charlie Ai has helped 300+ Business Sales teams with conversational Ai, The only question is, will yours be next?

Having Charlie in my business has freed up my team to bring in more sales

Lizzy Defelice

Owner, Lift With Lizzy

15th appointment booked! Sorry for blowing this chat up.. Im just blown away! This is only day 3 really of having him working

Jack Gause

Owner, Zmartly Financial

Since joining Charlie we have made a extra 44K a month with Charlie Ai

Ben Gower

Owner, Flip Secrets

The feeling of never having to DM again to book calls has been life changing

Michael Nwankwo

Owner, Mike Spice Training




Charlie AI unveils a groundbreaking AI solution tailored for the entrepreneurs and small to enterprise businesses.

This subscription-based service unleashes the power of Charlie Ai our native language model and ChatGPT, seamlessly integrating it with your business data to craft a truly personalized ai sales assistant.

By tapping into your valuable resources, including website content, FAQs, knowledge bases, documents, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more.
Charlie AI supercharges ChatGPT-4 to handle customer and follower inquiries with unmatched accuracy.

In essence, Charlie AI empowers you to extend ChatGPT-4’s capabilities with your unique expertise.

The result? A bespoke chatbot fueled by ChatGPT technology, deeply immersed in the nuances of your coaching programs, products, and audience.

With Charlie AI by your side, you can:

  • • Boost customer engagement: Respond to inquiries swiftly and effectively, building stronger relationships with your audience.
  • • Elevate coaching quality: Offer personalized support and guidance, ensuring your coaching services exceed expectations.
  • • Maximize efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most – coaching and influencing.

Charlie AI goes beyond simply replicating ChatGPT-4. It allows you to leverage your own knowledge and experience to create a truly unique and valuable AI companion for your coaching and influencer journey.

With our packages, we provide live chat support for our customers from 8AM – 5PM PST.

Yes! Charlie has an in-depth video portal, support and an active community that can ensure you get the training and support you need.

Charlie Integrates with GHL, IG, FB Messenger and SMS. We also offer custom integration for Platinum members. Please reach out to your dedicated Charlie Conversational expert for more details.

Charlie is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those without technical expertise. Simply navigate to your Charlie dashboard, where you can effortlessly start building your custom conversation Ai within minutes.

Charlie AI takes sales strategies to the next level by harnessing user data to craft a custom chatbot like no other. Simply feed it the specifics of your business – website content, knowledge bases, product details, customer data, even PDFs, Office docs, and Google Docs – and Charlie AI seamlessly blends it all into its secure, privacy-focused cloud platform. This data fusion empowers the ChatGPT-powered chatbot to truly grasp the essence of your brand, enabling it to deliver remarkably accurate and personalized responses.

Whether embedded on your website, deployed as a LiveChat feature, or linked to your systems via API, the Charlie AI chatbot elevates your game by providing invaluable and tailored support to your customers and followers. Imagine:

  • • Precision-guided interactions: The chatbot understands your audience and your brand inside-out, leading to flawless, on-point responses that resonate deeply.
  • • Reduce workload, maximized impact: Automate repetitive tasks and inquiries, freeing you to focus on what truly matters – inspiring and guiding your audience.
  • • A loyal, ever-present companion: Your audience has instant access to the information and support they need, building trust and strengthening your relationships.

Charlie AI goes beyond just deploying ChatGPT-4. It harnesses your distinct voice and expertise to create a truly unique and powerful AI partner for your businesses journey.

Yes! Charlie AI lets you unleash your inner brand maestro and craft a chatbot experience that truly sings for your business. Tweak every detail to match your vibe, from customizing the logo and background to choosing the perfect tone of voice. You’re in control of the language, the source, the whole shebang, ensuring every response is as unique and impactful as your brand itself.

  • • A chatbot that mirrors your personality: No more robotic interactions. Charlie AI lets you inject your own wit, wisdom, and style into every conversation.
  • • A visual feast for the eyes: Ditch the generic templates and design a chatbot interface that reflects your brand aesthetic. Think custom logos, captivating backgrounds, and visuals that resonate with your audience.
  • • Words that wow: Ditch the jargon and speak your truth. Charlie AI empowers you to tailor the chatbot’s language to perfectly align with your brand voice and messaging.

With Charlie AI, your chatbot becomes an extension of your brand, not just a tool. It’s a conversation starter, a relationship builder, and an ultimate hypeman for your coaching or influencer journey.

To get started, schedule a demo. One of our Charlie Conversational Experts will be in contact with you to discuss how Charlie can help!


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